Bought by the Blood

February 25, 2007

Piper on Prayer

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“Christian hedonist, above all be people devoted to earnest prayer. Just as the thirsty deer buckles down to drink at the brook, so the characteristic posture of the Christian Hedonist is on his knees.” (John Piper)

“Prayer is the open admission that without Christ we can do nothing. And prayer is the turning away from ourselves to God in the confidence that he will provide the help we need. Prayer humbles us as needy, and exalts God as wealthy.” (John Piper)

“The folly of not waiting for God is that we forfeit the blessing of having God work for us. The evil of not waiting for God is that we oppose God’s will to exalt himself in mercy.
God aims to exalt himself by working for those who wait for him. Prayer is the essential activity of waiting for God: acknowledging our helplessness and his power, calling upon him for help, seeking his counsel. So it is evident why prayer is so often commanded by God, since his purpose in the world is to be exalted for his mercy. Prayer is the antidote for the disease of self-confidence that opposes God’s goal of getting glory by working for those who wait for him.” (John Piper)

“The way to serve God so that he gets the glory is to look to him for mercy. Prayer prevents service from being an expression of pride…Good service is always and fundamentally receiving mercy, not rendering assistance. So there is no good service without prayer.” (John Piper)


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