Bought by the Blood

June 13, 2007

So you, by the help of your God, return; (Hosea 12:6)

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Typically when discouragement or overwhelming situations come we realize that we needs God’s help. If we are honest with ourselves, the proper posture of our hearts should be one that continually acknowledges its need for help from God. Our Lord is the creator of Heavens and earth. In Him is unimaginable resources with strength and power to accomplish all. If our faith is found in Him and not in ourselves then all things are possible.

Any Christian growth or desire to do good deeds cannot be done by your own strength. No one on their own does good. Pursuing godliness is not natural to our human nature. All attempts to glorify God on our own are filthy rags and even if they don’t outwardly appear to be soiled with sin, God sees the self-sufficiency was in the design and execution. To be found holy, we must clothe ourselves with the robes of righteousness He provides through finding our strength for growth only in the power of Christ blood.

He is calling you to turn from your sinful nature and live in His grace that is free and available to all that come. On your own you would be dead, but only by His calling you are you brought to life. Surrender completely and know that you don’t hear Him by your own ability and you don’t live by your own strength. He is sufficient for all that you desire to do for His name. Only by His undeserved favor are you His and only by His undeserved favor are you able to accomplish anything for Him.


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