Bought by the Blood

June 13, 2007

Tell Your Children About it (Joel 1:4)

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Locust, devastation and destruction; these are the things that Joel wants you to tell your children about. Joel’s reasoning is that these things point to God. In the locust we see God’s sovereignty and how all things are brought about because of His rule over this earth. The devastation is the fruit of the locust. This was a time of suffering, great mourning and wailing came across the land as everyone’s life was affected by the locust. This devastation pointed to the destruction that would come in God’s judgment. Although this was not a joyful period, God intended it for good, as it led many to repentance.

When trouble comes our attitude should never be that of questioning of God. God is not like man, He has no obligation to us and rules the universe perfectly according to His holy and majestic ways. His wisdom is far above our comprehension. His plan is eternal and never fails, so when disaster strikes and life does not go according to our plan, our posture should still be that of worship because we generally have more happiness then despair. Not only that, but suffering is a means to see God’s patience. God not wanting any to face eternal suffering will bring about suffering in this life to lead some to repentance.

Let us be faithful to account to all future generations the gospel. The good news of our wretched state that is deserving of devastation and destruction. The good news that we were once a people who were devoid of joy and happiness, but thanks to Christ defeat of death, we can share in His resurrection and have a live a life that bears the fruit of love, peace and joy. The good news that a holy God whose wrath is just and right is forbearing and gracious with His children that deserve condemnation.


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