Bought by the Blood

June 13, 2007

That I will pour out My Spirit on all flesh; (Joel 2:28)

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God knows us perfectly well and there is nothing about us that escapes His knowledge. The one thing that God can say about every person is that there is none who does good, no one on their own seeks Him. He knows that our hearts are desperately wicked, from the days of our youth we have walked in sin. Our own we are helpless to do good. If God’s common grace was not functioning in believer and non-believer alike then we would all be as evil as Adolph Hitler.

God knows my inability to please Him or do any good, so He took the initiative to pursue me. Not because of good works I’ve done or good works that He foresaw me doing if I had the ability to do, but because of His grace and mercy He saved me. Before I was born, He chose me to be a vessel of mercy. Prior to time existing God placed His grace on my life so that I would one day walk with Him. This is not on the basis of anything I have done, but according to the good pleasure of His will.

Once we’ve been reconciled to God, our spirit’s desire to live to the praise of God’s glory, but yet our flesh is so weak. God knows the weakness of our flesh and has given us His Spirit as our helper. With the Holy Spirit poured out over our lives we are more apt to the conviction of sin. The Spirit leads us in truth and allows us to know the truth of God’s Word, without Him, we are deaf to what God wants to speak to us. The Spirit testify always of Christ, so that we can seek to always live like Christ. Even as adopted children of God we are unable to glorify the Father with our own strength, that is why we must seek more of the Spirit poured out into hearts.


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  1. thank you, may god contiune blessing
    in his grace mercy. 

    Comment by rosalee russell — June 15, 2009 @ 8:05 pm | Reply

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