Bought by the Blood

June 13, 2007

Woe to you who are at ease in Zion,

Filed under: Amos,Hope,Sanctification — cubsfan1980 @ 12:58 pm

Notice those that God is pronouncing “woe” to in the verse above. Desiring ease and comfort is a sin that is easy to attempt to justify. When we do desire ease and comfort, we are ultimately desiring for ourselves to be on the throne with an outlook of how we can be served. With a proper view of God we realize that He is on the throne and is to be served at all times, a life that is lived to constantly serve God will be a life that is rarely at ease in this world.

God has not called His children to be at ease in this world. Instead, He has called us to lift our eyes up and set our sights on things above. Everything in this life is worthless compared to the inheritance and hope that God has prepared for us in eternal life. He wants us to trust in Him and His promises instead of trusting in money, love or anything else that this world offers. Be assured that the ease in this world is only taking away from opportunities that God has given us to partake in His glory now and share in Christ sufferings.

When God is at the center of how we view everything in life then ease and comfort will still be our desire, but it is the ease and comfort that God has promised. As our hearts labor tirelessly for the Gospel we will be filled up and comforted with His Spirit. Making our ultimate goal to win souls for Him gives us an opportunity to present God as more glorious then any ease and comfort that can await us in this life. Therefore, let us run this race hard, know that at the finish line when we hear “well done good and faithful servant,” we will know that we have not missed anything.


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