Bought by the Blood

June 13, 2007

You Are Good (Psalm 119:68)

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Our standard of understanding should always be the truth of God. When trying to understand the circumstances of this life, we should always come back to His Word and character. The tendency of every person is to analyze every situation and to try to have our hands around it. People in the work place are praised for being detailed oriented, but as followers of Christ, the most important thing is not the details, but keeping in mind the big picture.

For a Christian, details are helpful, but the most important thing is to remember the big picture and that God is at work. No matter what is going on around us, we must remember that it’s not what is going on around us, but what is happening above us. Because our Father above is working all circumstances for our good, we must never forget the call to walk by faith and not by sight.

Before asking all of the what-if’s, remember that God is good and does good for His children. When tempted to question God, tell yourself the promise of God’s character that He is and does good. God doesn’t call us to know all the answers, but that He is the answer. With Him as the answer, we can walk in with confidence and trust in His goodness not matter the circumstances. At the cross we see the ultimate expression of God’s goodness toward us, so let us view all of life in light of the cross.


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