Bought by the Blood

July 23, 2007

“ Behold, I am against you,” says the LORD of hosts; – Nahum 3:5

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“ Behold, I am against you,” says the LORD of hosts; – Nahum 3:5

It is inconceivable what a dreadful thing to have God say “I am against you.” Resist the urge of your flesh to believe the lie that there is no eternity. God will not accept everyone into Heaven, nor will He completely annihilate sinners. The fate of all sinners is eternal weeping and gnashing of teeth because of the flames of God’s torment will not go out. He will not send His angels to torment sinners, but His wrath personal. God does not discriminate against sinners, all sin is treason against the most holy. No one can be good enough to escape His righteous fury.


Find hope in that God does not stay angry forever. He has provided an opportunity to turn to Him, to leave your sin and obtain grace and mercy for your greatest need. He does not do it because of any merit that you own. God does not view you as lovable, instead God views you as a fallen creature in His image that was made to worship Him. By His mercy and good pleasure, He has provided redemption and forgiveness of sins so that some may live for the purpose they were created for, to glorify Him.


This is only possible because of the sacrifice of His Son. What a glorious fact that God is not like man. God does not hold grudges, but has provided a way that He can Passover our sins. By placing our sins on Christ, He is able to views us in light of Christ perfection and no longer be against us. Christ took my punishment so and faced God’s wrath on my behalf, so that God can be for me and not against me. I am now an heir and not a foe, all of the benefits of the heavenly inheritance are mine. How sweet it is that God does not treat me as my sins deserve because Christ took that treatment for me. The only proper response is what we are created for, worship.


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