Bought by the Blood

March 6, 2008

Contentment and Biblical Manhood

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Against the backdrop of such tragedy Dr. Moore makes his helpful point. If we could accept a little less luxury, many of our families would know far more health than they do. If we would accept a lower standard of living, more of our mothers could mother, more of our children could flourish, and more of our churches could know a fresh level of quality by the investment of older women in the lives of young women. If we could reject the American “dream” of material prosperity and see a trailer-park or an apartment complex through gospel lenses, we would see that it is no horrible thing to live as poor people when we have a joyful, gospel-centered, God-glorifying family that pulses with love and hope. Nowhere do the biblical authors instruct us to see such circumstances as a curse. No, if God is the Lord of the home, and the husband and wife fill their roles, and the children obey their parents, then the family is rich, rich beyond the wildest dreams of the wealthy secularists up the street who has great wealth in the bank but tragically little in the heart.

Again, this is not to say that wealth is wrong. It is not, and some Christians have a great deal of it and do not allow it to compromise a healthy home. Sadly, though, many do allow earthly values to drive their decision-making and home life. This problem–and its solution–begins with the husband. If he will commit to taking on the burden of the family’s finances, to providing for his home though it may cost him much, then he sets his family up to flourish. If he gives them a vision of life together that is not driven and dictated by the culture and its ideals, but a biblical vision that prizes the principles of God’s Word as they relate to the home, then he charts for them a course of great blessing. With his family, he may know times of great hardship and trial. He will have difficult nights, and sleepless days. He will see others entertaining themselves more and exhausting themselves less, and he may even question the wisdom of his path. But he will turn over and over to God’s Word and its vision for masculine leadership and provision, and he will know, if only by the mustard seed of faith, that if it must be, a trailer park is not only enough–it is just right.



March 1, 2008

Favor of Man

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After performing many miracles and healings
Jesus triumphantly rode into Jerusalem on a donkey
With the people joyfully receiving Him, crying out:
“Blessed is He who comes in name of Lord
Hosana in the highest.”

In very little time their hearts changed,
With sin being pervasive the now shouted:
“Crucify” as they mocked and hurled insults
On the choosen One that is nailed to a cross,
While He gave His life for those with fickle and depraved hearts.

The praise of mean is a strange thing.
The favor of man is worthless because it here today and gone tomorrow,
But God is eternal and steadfast.
His praise and favor never change
So I choose to live for Him.

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