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August 25, 2008

My Standing Before Christ

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I don’t get as much time to read blogs as I’d like.  A new blog that I’ve enjoyed to read, but haven’t had time to delve into in-depth is a blog from Zondervan’s Academic publishing team.  Bill Mounce is a biblical greek guru and every Monday he does a post on the greek language, exegesis and related topics.  Today’s topic was on the correct translation of “nomos in Romans 3:27 and how the NIV misses the mark.  You can read more at Koinonia

My favorite part of this post was the application that Bill had about legalism and where our boast is.  I’ve posted it below.

“As we stand before Christ, all boasting is excluded. We did nothing to earn our salvation, to merit his righteousness. The “law of works,” the sinful notion that we can earn God’s favor through partial obedience to the laws of God, would only result in our sinful death. There would be no boasting. So justification is sola fide, we do nothing to merit it, it is all of faith, and so there is no boasting before God.

One of the dangerous trends in the Christian life is reflected in the words of Paul. “After beginning with the Spirit, are you now trying to attain your goal by human effort?” (Galatians 3:3). It is so often the case that we come to the cross empty-handed, fingers separated, palms up. We bring nothing but a cry for God’s mercy and grace. But the trend is to forget how we began, to start thinking that some of the things we do in some way merit God’s favor, even his prior favor in saving us. We start to boast in what we are doing, in how good we are, and how much better we are than others. In fact, the boasting develops a stranglehold on us, excusing our sin in other areas of our life.

This is the essence of legalism: thinking that obedience in some areas earns favor with God and excuses sin in other areas. To all who are in this state, the words of Paul ring loud and true. There is no boasting. There is either works and death, or faith and life.”


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