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September 23, 2008

Encouragement for a father to be

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I recently came across this blog post and it was definitely encouraging for me as I prep for the journey of fatherhood.  It’s crazy to think that our lives will look different in so many ways.  I can only see life from my current perspective and past perspective and can’t come close to imagining the new adventure that lies ahead.  I know that God promises that what lies ahead will be good (Psalm 127_3-5), but to see that in a tangible right now is fuzzy in my mind.  I came across the below blog post that really helped to readjust my view.

” many young people of my generation want to delay traditionally “adult” responsibilities in pursuit of “experiences”–travel, games, sports, shopping, and forms of indulgence of one’s natural interests. I like those things as much as the next guy, but I can tell you from my very limited experience as a husband and a dad that there is not a two-week vacation in the world that compares with fatherhood. Yesterday I snapped some pictures of my daughter when she was smiling; today, though an unsentimental man who usually cares little for pictures of babies, I looked at them over and over and over. My daughter is a little wonder. She is beautiful and (mostly) full of sweetness. Her smile can be heartbreaking. I see it, looking at it time and again on my phone, and I know what evil there is in the world–and sadly, lurking in her heart–and I yearn for her not to taste it. Such innocence, and yet such evil awaits.

This fills out my original point: just looking at my daughter’s smile blows away experiences I’ve previously loved–playing a good game of basketball, reading a good book, whatever. Parenting a child is an astounding thing. Yes, it’s hard. It is. No two ways about it. But it’s also the most rewarding thing I’ve ever done, and I’m only at the two-month stage, where my precious baby girl can barely smile. When she smiles at me, or plays little games with my hands as she sits on my lap, or makes strange sounds that sounds like a cat lifting off for extraterrestrial investigation, she reaches an area of my heart that nothing has ever touched. Spending time with one’s child brings one to a joy that cannot be reached otherwise, like a language one cannot speak without countless hours of study.

If you want an “experience”, then, don’t look for it in things, in passing, fading things of this world. If you’re married, or are likely going to be married, look for it in the most significant physical thing a person can do, God willing: create (or adopt) a child. Create a tribe of children. You’ll gain joy for yourself that you could not otherwise ever touch in this life. You’ll do something far more significant than anything work or play will allow you to do. You’ll leave a legacy in the form of a child, a living person, not a piece of paper or a deed to be spoken of. Vacations are fun, and books and movies and time with friends is great, but if you seek significance, and transcendence, and deep, untouchable joy, try children, the oldest, most traditional form of earthly delight.”

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September 16, 2008

If abortion is about women’s rights, what about those of unborn women

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J.C. Ryle on perserverance of the Saints

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Ryle on John 17:

“This special intercession of the Lord Jesus is one grand secret of the believer’s safety.  He is daily watched, and thought for, and provided for with unfailing care, by One whose eyenever slumbers and never sleeps…They never perish, because He never ceases to pray for them, and His prayer must prevail.  They stand and persevere to the end, not because of their own strength and goodness, but because Jesus intercedes for them.”

September 10, 2008

Evanglism Prayer Points

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One of the things that our small groups is seeking to grow in for the upcoming year is evangelism.  Often times in the category of evangelism my mind immediately goes towards praying for the lost.   As we studied the book of Jonah, one of the things that we learned is that many times the biggest hindrance towards the gospel reaching the lost is ourselves.  For last I created a list of prayer points where we focus on our hearts and minds and way that we want God to change us to make us more effective to reach the lost.  I am excited about praying through this list on a regular basis because I know my heart needs it.

1)Faithfulness in spite of discouragement when we don’t see fruit
2)Boldness to take risk when we are fearing what they will think of us/do to us
3)Awareness of God’s sovereignty and power to draw the lost to Himself
4)Grace to die to self and desire for ease and comfort
5)Increased compassion and graciousness towards the lost
6)Greater heart to see more people saved
7)Diligence to look for opportunities to be involved in the lives of the lost
8)A greater realization for what Christ has done to save us
9)Acceptance of our call and duty to reach out to the lost
10)Increasing awareness of the Holy Spirit empowering us for evangelism.

September 1, 2008

Why I am voting for McCain

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I am a registered republican and will without a doubt for McCain this fall.  With all of that said, I definitely have a lot of respect for Obama.  What he has done in terms of making history by becoming the first African American to be represented by a political party for the presidential election is hard to describe.  I can not even come close to the imagining the significance of this for my parents or others who lived through the Civil Rights Movements in the 60’s and 70’s (Go here for a timeline).

If it were not for Obama’s position on abortion then I could see myself voting for him.  I am single issue voter, because this issue trumps all other and also factors into all other major issues.  A candidate who is pro-life cares about justice for ALL, whereas a candidate who is pro-choice only cares about justice for those that can vote for him/her.  There are other important issues in this election, but to me this is the most important.  Even if McCain gets elected and is not able to do anything to overturn Roe V. Wade, I must still continue to speak up for those with no voice to speak up for themselves.

Below is an excerpt of a column by Joel Belz where he explains that being anti-abortion is not an isolated package from other political issues.

“To be robustly and consistently anti-abortion is at the very same time to cast your vote for environmental sensitivity, against racism, and for economic justice. These are not independent, isolated packages.

It’s hard to see how anyone can claim to be a protector of the environment and not put a high priority on the preservation of human babies. To defend a focus on the future of polar bears and whales, while asking evangelicals to get less noisy about infant humans, is an embarrassing contradiction.

Similarly, keep in mind that abortion is one of the most racist of all social causes in history. Minorities don’t just happen incidentally to be targeted by the practice of abortion. The history of Planned Parenthood and similar organizations is racist to the core—as is their current practice.  (reference

And no economist can look at the loss of 50 million American babies over the last 45 years and not wince at the impact of such a drain on the economic vitality of our society. Today’s poor Americans are poorer than they would have been if we’d taken care to preserve enough consumers—and workers—to fill a state one-and-a-half times as big as California. Tomorrow’s elderly will worry about Social Security more than they would have with 50 million more contributors to the system…

It’s the folks promoting causes like abortion and same-sex marriage who are the real “single issue” fanatics, falsely teaching that you can mess with just one or two aspects of life without upsetting the balance God so wondrously installed in His creation order.”
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