Bought by the Blood

December 28, 2008

“I, I am he who blots out your transgressions for my own sake, and I will not remember your sins.” Isaiah 43:25

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This is a poem based on Isaiah 43:25.  It is such a rich verse and I wanted to flesh out the truth that God is speaking in His Word.   It truly is humblign to think about the greatness and majesty of God and although he doesn’t need us, He still sent His to die for us so that He can be in relationship with us.  I can give Him nothing, but He gave everything for me.  The cross has made known to me and unimaginable grace and mercy because of God’s love.

I, I am he that created the heavens and earth,
With a word I spoke all things into existence.
All of creation is for my purposes and glory.

You were made in the womb by  me
And are sustained by my righteous right hand,
Your life is nothing but a breath.

I, I am he whose Son came to die for the sins of many.
By his blood your transgressions are blotted out,
Because you believe in your heart Christ is Lord
And are united with him by grace through faith.

You could do nothing to save yourself.
If your sin were counted it would reach to the sky.
You works are like filthy rags and could never satisfy my holiness.
Only through the cross is peace found between you and I,
So that you may draw near and commune with me.

I, I am he who washes you clean and makes you new,
Giving you freedom from condemnation
With a promise to remember your sins no more.


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