Bought by the Blood

January 5, 2009

Baby Prep

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Tonight was the first night of our birthing class for the Bradley Method.  Crazy to think that we have almost less than three months to go.  Now that we are in 2009, it seems like the birth of our daughter is becoming less and less of an abstract thing.  In the class tonight we watched a video of a woman giving birth, I have had an idea of what birth is like, but never seen it from that angle and that indepth.  It is really neat to think about the miracle of child birth and how God has designed a woman’s body for this marvel.  Aside from watching the video, we learned some helpful stretches and relaxation techniques for the big day.

Speaking of baby prep, we have put together the crib in the Miya’s room.  The rocker has also been put together.  Currently, America’s economy is receiving a stimulus through as we are investing in decorations for our little girlies room.

The only baby prep I feel like I don’t have yet is the whole changing a diaper thing.  I am sure it will be different when it is my own child, but my bodily secretions, no matter what of three ends it comes out of, just seems extremely gross.

I am still a bit fearful of holding a newborn, but I’ve noticed with holding babies that are not newborn,  it’s not as intimidating as it seems.  The problem with newborns is that they just seem peaceful and precious and babies are like dogs, they can smell fear, so if they smell my fear of holding them I don’t want to ruin that peaceful and precious moment for another parent.


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