Bought by the Blood

January 12, 2009

Revelation and Jesus

Only once before have I read the book of Revelation.  For family devotions, dear wife and I have begun to study this book and of the things that I have found helpful is to keep in mind that the rest of the book is meant to have the same clarity as chapter one.  What does chapter one make clear?  Jesus Christ!  Michael Wilcock makes the following statement:  “the centrality of Christ is the ruling theme of revelation.  All things depend on their relation to Him.”  The commentary from the ESVSB supports this by saying, “From the outset, Jesus’ death is central to the message of Revelation.”

I once heard a trivia question asking who wrote the book of Romans, this was a trick question and if you reference Romans 16:22 Paul didn’t write Romans, but he dictated it.  Something neat about Revelation that I didn’t know until now is that John is only the dictator of Revelation.  Jesus Christ is the author of Revelation and John is recording all he hears and sees when is in the Spirit and Jesus is being revealed to him. This is the only book of the bible that can claim Jesus as its author.  How cool is that?!?!

In the first chapter of Revelation there are three truths about Jesus that lead the reader to adoration and worship:

  1. Jesus is the Son of Man who has “received from the Ancient of Days eternal and universal dominion (ESVSB note)” as the representative of His kingdom of priest. His kingdom of priest are those that he loves and died for so that His blood can free them from their sins.(v.6 & 13)
  2. Jesus Christ is our prophet, priest and king.  He has faithfully witnessed to the truth of God and all that God desires for His people to know, so that they can know Him and love for His glory.  He has conquered death and risen from the grace, so that all who are found in Christ can join Him in the resurrection from the dead.  He is king of kings and Lord of Lords.  He is majestic and rules in splendor and one day every knee will bow to Him.(v.5)
  3. John paints us a picture of the glorified Christ where he describes Jesus’ hair, feet, voice, eyes and mouth.  His hair “white, like white wool, like snow,” represents wisdom infinite and divine.  His eyes being like flame of fire shows that His gaze pierces through all facades and diagnoses the true condition of the church and the human heart.  Feet being like “burnished bronze, refine in furnace,” shows that he crush any powers and nothing of this world or satan can rise against him.  His voice being the like the roar of many waters shows the power and strength of His word.  His mouth having a sharp two edged sword shows that His word is sharp and pierces through the heart and slices through any excuses that we can make for sin.  His Word is our power for triumph against and sin.  His Word is still alive and active and our tool for carrying forth His kingdom.  His face shining like the sun in full strength shows His glory and holiness.  The brightness of the glory of God is brighter than any light.  Jeus is the light of the world and He call His people to live in the light.  (v.15 & 16)

All of these pictures of Jesus relates to Him and His relationship with the church.  He wants His bride to know that He is coming soon and that is a truth that we can bank in because the means of all creation is heading towards Him as the ultimate end.  He is the Alpha and the Omega.  All things were made by Him, through Him and for Him and He has promised to return to redeem creation.  All of creation will not be redeemed, fallen man who does not trust in Christ will wail on account of Him for the judgment that is to come.  “For salvation is nearer to us now than when we first believed. (Romans 13:12)”, so this truth should motivate us to proclaim to the lost the free gift of salvation that has been offered by the risen Christ.


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