Bought by the Blood

February 7, 2009

Tough Questions – Chapter 8

This chapter “The Cross According to the Scriptures.”  Instead of writing my own summary of this chapter, I am going to use the one from the study guide of the book because I do not feel like I can sum it up much better.  This is my favorite quote of this chapter:

On the one hand, at the cross Christ bore the weight of all my sin against him.  All my hatred and rejection of God, all that i have been, or could be capable of, in my sinful rebellion against my creator was part of what Christ suffered.  I stand among the enemies of God as one of those who sin nailed Jesus to the cross…

On the other hand, at the cross, Christ bore the weight of God’s judgment on my sin.  He bore not merely the brunt of my sin against him but the consequences of my sin upon me.  He took not only what my sin could do, but what my sin deserves.

Review from

The cross is simultaneously the moment when Christ takes on the worst of human sin and when he takes on God’s punishment for sin. To understand this we must see Jesus’ death in light of the story of Israel, for Jesus is the fulfilment and climax of that story. In his death Jesus relives the exile, and what is true about the forces behind the exile is also true for the cross. In both, divine judgement is working through human agency. Israel received God’s punishment through the Babylonians, and Jesus through the Roman and Jewish authorities. What makes Jesus different is that he did not deserve it. As we look at the Scriptures and think about the morality of justice, we see that sin does deserve to be punished, and punished by God. On the cross, Jesus assumes on himself the worst we could do to him but also the punishment we deserved. In this there is still great mystery, but mystery that leads to praise.


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