Bought by the Blood

February 19, 2009

Living for God’s Glory

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They exchanged the glory of God
for the image of an ox that eats grass.
-Psalm 106:20

I am presented every day with two ways to live.  I can either live for the glory of God or I can exchange the creator’s glory for a created thing.  Every day I am bombarded with the temptation to choose my own glory or the glory of the things of this world.  Choosing to glorify God is eternal, seeking my own glory and the things of this world is temporal and has no lasting value.  I can live with God on the throne or I can live with myself on the throne and seek to live for this life only.  All things that God has called me to I can view as a means to the ultimate end of glorifying Him or I can choose lesser ends based on what my eyes can see.

By exchanging God’s glory for an idol I commit two evils.  First, I forsake God, I have considered Him worthless and spit in His face.  When I chose idols I stiff arm the Alpha and Omega and turn my back on Him.  Second, I have replaced Him with that which has no benefit or gain.  Anything that I replace God with will never satisfy and is a cheap imitation that will always leave me yearning for something higher.  In God I find life, joy and peace through His love displayed for me on the cross, when I look somewhere else other than I got all I am guaranteed to find is disappointment (Jeremiah 2:13).

I have been bought at the price of Christ blood, therefore I should do all things for God’s glory.  God gave up His Son, so that I could be brought from death to life.  I was His enemy and not even seeking Him, but He sought me out and took the initiative to bring me into a saving relationship with Him.  Since He offered up His Son for me, my life should be an offering of thanksgiving to Him.  Christ dieing for my sins at the cross displayed God’s glory by putting all of His wonderful attributes on display, therefore I should die to sin so that I can display God’s glory through my thoughts and actions.


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