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February 24, 2009

Teaching Your Kids Sexual Purity

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Depending on what time I leave for work I sometimes tune in to the Focus On The Family daily broadcast.  This morning’s broadcast was on teaching your kids sexual purity, which you can listen to here.   In the past I was discouraged about listening to the program because they only had it available for streaming and not for podcast or downloading.  As of recently, all of Focus on The Family radio is now available via podcasting, this definitely makes a difference in my listening because if I don’t hear the whole thing in my commute I can always listen to more later at my convenience.

I have posted before about fatherhood and affection and how it relates to purity and discipline.  The correlation between purity and affection from dad was made really clear in this podcast.   Something I learned from the podcast is it takes 8-10 meaningful touches a day for someone to thrive.  This is even true for teenagers.  If our kids are not finding this affection at home, then they will find it somewhere else.  The co-host then went on to tell a story from a counseling session where a father and daughter had their relationship deteriorate because of a lack of affection and when the daughter felt distanced from her father she sought out unhealthy affection from her boyfriend.

They also talked about how kids growing up today are in the age of the death of innocence. We must be proactive in the area of pornography because the average child will accidentally see it by the age of 10.  We need to teach our kids how to discipline their minds to go to good things when temptation comes.  There are times when I can’t control what I see, but I need to control how my mind reacts to it.  Our kids need to train their thoughts to think about sex in a biblical way, so they are ready when they are bombarded with sexual images and a culture that exalts the idol of sex.

A couple interesting quotes from the program are below:

“25% of young girls who have sex move into an emotional depression”

“kids can’t just be told how far is too far, but what to do when in those situations.”


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