Bought by the Blood

April 14, 2009

Isaiah’s beatific vision

I recently finished reading Isaiah.  One of the things I was aware of before reading Isaiah was how it pointed to Christ and the age of grace.  This time as I read the book I was more aware of Isaiah’s eschatology and how he points to the new Heavens and new earth.  The poem today is based on Isaiah 60 and what awaits the children of God that hope in Christ return.

Isaiah 60

All the children of God, hope in Christ return.
We live in dark days where sin and wickedness abound,
But when Christ returns His glory will shine,
The everlasting light of His glory will outshine all satan has done
And every knee on earth, under the earth and above the earth
Will bow in awe and wonder at the King of Kings.

Arise all that have been adopted by God,
Look forward with eagerness to Christ return
When His glory will be our light ,
As we will be made majestic and beautiful
In the city whose gates is Praise and walls are called Salvation.

Oh what a wonderful day when we will get to see the glorified Christ.
His glory is great and greatly to be praised.
The everlasting light of His glory will outshine the moon and stars.
Light has no place for darkness, so He is filled with wrath toward sin,
But He is full of mercy and has made undeserving sinners righteous through the cross.

One day those bought by the precious blood of Christ
Will see Him face to face and know joy He has for His children.
Like a father with his children, Christ heart is elated in us.
His heart is exulting and thrilled at those that He redeemed on the cross.
Let us live for this reality as we live for eternity
And pray for the hastening of Christ return.


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