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April 18, 2009

A Father’s Role

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“The dad is the spiritual leader because God planned it that way.  The father portrays a spirit of wordliness or a spirit of godliness.  Either they are leaders for righteousness or examples of slothfulness.  Either they are modeling Jesus Christ or mirroring sinful man.  Make no mistake about it: We are all modeling something.  We are spiritual leaders of one kind or another…

Dad, you’re always modeling.  Keep in mind when you go to the store, when you’re driving on the freeway and when you’re watching a game.  Every situation is a chance for you to disciple your kids.  When they’re in the car with you, do they hear you criticize others, or be gracious to other drivers?  When they’re at the mall with you, do they see your desire to honor God with your money, or do they observe you handling it carelessly and selfishly?  The example you set in the little things helps to shape the character of your children in the big things.” Phil Downer


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  1. Downer’s comments are very true but it is also important to be true to yourself and your child. There is no way to guard against ever possible behavior that could be mis-interped by a child. The main thing is to do your best to be an honest open responsible parent who is willing to share the rationale for your actions when the child asks or needs clarification on the actions in question. No one is perfect!

    Comment by Bob Lewis — April 18, 2009 @ 6:45 pm | Reply

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