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May 7, 2009

National Day Of Prayer

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Today is the national day of prayer, so I wanted to repost the two prayer points I have done on this blog.

Pray for the Pro-Life Movement

How to pray for the pro-life movement

  1. The conscience of our nation will be pricked and will break over the murder of unborn children.
  2. Judges will be appointed who will stand up for those with no rights or anyone to defend them.
  3. Christians will speak up for “the least of these”, those who have no voice.
  4. Children at ALL stages of life will be viewed as a blessing, a precious gift from God.
  5. An end to legislation that make abortion easily accessible and legal.
  6. A personal burden to offer time, resources and services to Crisis Pregnancy Centers.
  7. Adoption will gain greater attention so that those considering abortion can see that there other options besides murdering babies.
  8. People will submit to God’s will instead of choosing their own way.
  9. All dialog and actions to defend the unborn will be done in love.
  10. God’s kingdom will come.

Evangelism Prayer Points

1)Faithfulness in spite of discouragement when we don’t see fruit
2)Boldness to take risk when we are fearing what they will think of us/do to us
3)Awareness of God’s sovereignty and power to draw the lost to Himself
4)Grace to die to self and desire for ease and comfort
5)Increased compassion and graciousness towards the lost
6)Greater heart to see more people saved
7)Diligence to look for opportunities to be involved in the lives of the lost
8)A greater realization for what Christ has done to save us
9)Acceptance of our call and duty to reach out to the lost
10)Increasing awareness of the Holy Spirit empowering us for evangelism.


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