Bought by the Blood

June 18, 2009

Thank your pastor

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“‘And I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will feed you with knowledge and understanding. – Jeremiah 3:15

There are three great gifts that God has given to His church.  The first and obvious one is the cross, without which, there is no church.  The second and third are closely related, Godly men who are led by the Holy Spirit to to shepherd the flock.  The Holy Spirit is essential to every pastor as it brings them to close to God’s heart.  John Calvin says on this verse, “We learn from this that the church cannot continue without having faithful pastors to show the way of salvation.”  Let us never take for granted the Godly men that God has given to care for His people and guide them into greater spiritual maturity.

There are two attributes of a pastor that God mentions in this verse that are key for shepherds.  First, the shepherd must have a heart for others, he can’t be self serving, but must give of himself to feed his flock.  Jesus did not come to be served, but to serve, so to a pastor must give his life away to serve his people by feeding them through practical acts and preaching the word.  The second characteristic of a pastor is to seek to grow in his knowledge and understanding of God’s word to pass onto others.  The church cannot be the blind leading the blind.  It is clear from the verse that a pastor is supposed to be one with wisdom.  This isn’t just head knowledge, but also works itself out in his lifestyle that is informed by God’s Word.

The godly men that God has placed in the church need to know the appreciation of those that are under them.  Charles Spurgeon once said, the greatest kindndess any man can do is to pray for me.  The same is true for your pastor, be vigilant to pray for him.  Your pastor has a very serious role of taking care of your spiritual life, so seek to take care of his wife and kids.  Volunteering to babysit can mean a ton to a pastor with young kids.  Speaking of your spiritual life, take your spiritual growth seriously, nothing encourages a pastor more than seeing fruit in his peple.  Lastly, encourage him when he does a good message, does a great job of leading or counseling.  Encourage him when he doesn’t do these things well and let him know things that you observed.  It is very important that your pastor knows your thankfulness for him.  For a more exhaustive list on how to show care for your pastor, please visit the website of Jollyblogger who gives an excellent treatment of this topic.


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