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July 3, 2009

The Job of a Dad

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There are two ministries in particular that really encourage me as a dad.  One is the very well known Focus on the Family which I have mentioned here before.  The other is lesser known, but very edifying my soul, and it is “Family Man Ministries.”

Here is an excerpt from the latest newsletter that I would highly recommend all dads to sign up for:

“It isn’t so much that I was a MJ fan as much as it is a sad ending to such a sad life. It was also a reminder that what really matters most is not what happens in this life but the next. MJ feared death and yet he could not avoid it. In fact, all his fame and fortune doesn’t matter squat now.

I mean, we can have camp outs, catch lightning bugs, celebrate kid’s day, and have tea parties and pillow fights, but if we do not prepare our sons and daughters to stand before God, we will have let them down and doomed them and us to an eternity of regrets.
Dad, it’s not your wife’s job, the church’s job, or your pastor’s job…it’s YOUR job. That’s why I plan to spend more time than usual talking to my family about the Bible, God, Sin, and how Jesus came to make a way for us to enjoy all this good family stuff FOREVER.”
There are two blogs from Focus on the Family that I read.  One of which I personally enjoy is that of John Fuller, the co-host of the Daily Broadcast.  Here is an excerpt from a recent entry about a father’s need to prioritize his job as a dad.
“I’ve made note on many occasions and to many friends that at 5:30 p.m. its time for me to leave the office and go “home to my real job.” I have a growing awareness of the fact that I am the only husband to Dena, the only dad to my kids. And so I try to mentally gear up as I make the 20 minute drive home in the afternoon. I try to think through how their day might have gone, what Dena might need from me when I walk in the door, and perhaps most importantly, I try to think through how I might be a good father. And I pray God guide me in the evening hours, so I can be the best spouse and dad.”

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