Bought by the Blood

August 7, 2009

Soli Deo Gloria

who by God’s power are being guarded through faith for a salvation ready to be revealed in the last time. – 1 Peter 1:5

We now come to our conclusion on our confidence in our eternal security, based on the Westminster Confession of Faith.  If you want to read more, the larger catechism does expound upon this topic more in questions 80 and 81.  The last statement we find in question 79 on why we can be assured of salvation is because we “are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation,” and this is based on 1 Peter 1:5.  One of the five solas of the protestant reformation is sola fide, which in English is “By Faith Alone.”  If our salvation was by works and not faith then we’d have plenty of reason to think we could fall away.

It is faith that guards us and this faith is a gift of God .  It is important that we never forget that faith comes from outside of us and is not a muscle that we flex to impress God and so that He grants us salvation (Ephesians 2:8-9).  The faith that saves us is a like a shield protecting us from satan who wants to steal us away from God and our flesh which wants to lead us to death.  Faith keeps us safe until the last time when our inheritance is revealed in the last day and there is no more sin to battle with and satan is no more.  The strength of this shield is based on the power of God and all other powers are less than nothing when compared to the power of God.

The protestant reformers preached, “Once saved always saved,” and that salvation is by faith alone for the purpose of another sola, sola deo gloria, or as translated in English means “Glory to God Alone.”  The purpose of our salvation and our hope for eternity isn’t to make much of us, but instead to make much of God.  Salvation has been accomplished by God for His glory, so our proper response is to glorify Him.  We don’t talk about these doctrines to make much of ourselves and our knowledge of the Scriptures, but instead to make much of God and to give Him the glory He rightly deserves.  For the Christian whose eternal state is secure in Christ, this life is preparation for eternity where we will be under the face and authority of God, so we should live for His glory now as we will continually in the last time.


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