Bought by the Blood

August 13, 2009

How to come to terms with abortion

The answer is simple.  It is God.  Listen to the testimony of David MacDonald:

I know how to come to terms with it  (abortion). It is God. After many years of trying every self destructive thing to get over it, I found that in the end, it was God who heals, and it starts with fully accepting what we’ve done and then humbly asking God for forgiveness. It’s a lifetime journey. There is help out there. I can help you find it.

We all have sins that we need atonement for and that only way we can be forgiven for our sins is through the cross.  Sin destroys lives and leads to facing God’s eternal wrath unless we repent.  Repentance is only made possibly by taking God at His Word when we believe that Christ work on the cross defeated the power of sin so that we have freedom from the condemnation and enslavement of sin.


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