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September 18, 2009

Fridays Are For Fathers

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“It was the real glory of the game right there, a father hugging his little girl to assure her that she did nothing wrong, a public rite of passage to which so many parents can relate.”

I love this video!  I posted one version of it on facebook, but MLB made YouTube remove the video.  You can view the whole video at

Varsity Dad is one of my favorite sports blogs, unfortunately the posts there are few and far between, but they have great commentary on the video:

Steve Monforto’s reaction?

He hugged his daughter. And the look on his face has no trace of disappointment, let alone frustration or anger. Just love.

Love for his kid. Love that this is EXACTLY what a 3-year-old is supposed to do. Love that Emily’s lesson from all those catches in the backyard is: Throw the ball!

It was the perfect reaction. It should be used as the model for all parents out there who want to incorporate sports into their kids lives.


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