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October 31, 2009

Racism is the spirt of the antichrist

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Russell Moore has a great article on how racism impedes the gospel and is the spirit of the antichrist.  I’d highly recommend and you can read the whole thing here Moore to the Point by Russell D. Moore.

If we’re going to be missional, if we’re going to resurge together for the Great Commission, it will mean first recognizing that racial bigotry isn’t just “politically incorrect.” It’s of the spirit of antichrist, and must go. – Russell Moore



Always Reformed, Always reforming

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“If there is to be a revival, it will not start with the liberal establishment. It will begin with us.” James Montgomery Boice

There is a famous reformation saying that states, “Always reformed, always reforming.”  I think that in today’s conservative circles, it is easy to look at the liberal churches and think that change need to starts there.  The place that change needs to happen is in the conserved reformed circles.  As long as we are pointing the finger at “them” and pointing to their errors, we will be a hindrance to revival and reform.  Instead, our attitude needs to be that of the Psalmist and we need to ask “Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! And see if there be any grievous way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting!.”  We must never be content with we are in the sanctification process, but continually seeking to grow in our passion for God.  As our desire for revival grows and Christ becomes more evident in us, then others will want to know what is different and want what we have.  Why would the liberal establishment want to change if they see nothing appealing in us or the way our lives are transformed by the gospel.  With another reformation day here, let us ponder what it means to seek for reformation in our own lives, in the lives of those we influence and our churches.

October 30, 2009

Friday Are For Fathers

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Back in September I did a “Friday are For Fathers” post on Steve Monforto.  Below is an excerpt on a sermon by Phil Ryken in which he talks about how Monforto’s love for his daughter is only a dim reflection of God’s love for us and how that should change us.

He places in to our hands all of these wonderful gifts.  Gifts we would never be able to catch for ourselves.  We so often throw them away.  Sometimes not even realizing what we are doing, yet he is not irritated.  Yes, he wraps us up again in his love.  We experience that love again and with the reception of that love we have the calling to love others with that same kind of love.  To love even the people who have squandered the gifts we have given to them, to love them and love them again even as Jesus does.  – Phil Ryken

Ultimately it is God’s love that inspires and shows us how to love our families and others.

A God of Hope gives reason to be pro-life

May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope. – Romans 15:13

This video is so moving an it captures one of the reasons why I am pro-life.

Proclaiming the pro-life message is to proclaim a message of  hope.  The only reason to end a pregnancy is because of a lack of hope in what God is able to do.  In our temporal eyes things may seem bleak, but God has a plan.  No matter the situation, God will always make a way, when we walk by faith and lean not on our own understanding then there is never a reason to not give life a chance.

October 29, 2009

J.C. Ryle on the divinity of Christ

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The divinity of Christ is the citadel and keep of Christianity.  Here lies the infinite value of the satisfaction He made upon the cross.  Here lies the peculiar merit of His atoning death for sinners.  That death was not the death of a mere man, like ourselves, but of one who is “over all, God blessed for ever…
Let believers cling to this doctrine with jealous watchfulness  With it, they stand upon a rock.  Without it, they have nothing solid beneath their feet.  Our hearts are weak.  Our sins are many.  We need a Redeemer who is able save to the uttermost, and deliver from the wrath to come.  We have such a Redeemer in Jesus Christ.  He is “the mighty God. (Isaiah 9:6).” – J.C. Ryle

October 28, 2009

The Fatherhood of God

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Blogs that have caught my interest lately are those relating to parents and fatherhood.  It is neat to think about how fatherhood is directly related to the character of God, as God is the father from which father his name (Ephesians 3:14-15). I love this picture of the fatherhood of God and his promises by Pete Wilson.

Let’s just be honest here. Time and time again in your life you’re going to feel as if God isn’t showing up. You’re going to feel as if God isn’t healing, He isn’t restoring, He isn’t releasing His mighty power. You’re going to feel like He doesn’t know or care and you’ve been completely abandoned on the bridge.

Do you know what the most frequently stated promise from God in Scripture is? God promises us over and over, “I am with you.”

You may feel all alone, but please know you’re not. Despite you’re feelings He’s right there with you. He’s ready to snatch you should you fall.

You can read the rest at Right There | by Pete Wilson.

The neat thing about God being the ultimate Father is that He does way more than just snatch us when we fall.  He widens the ground beneath us so that we can’t fall.  He delights in us and has secured our rescue by bringing us to a broad place where we are safe from harm and danger despite what our feelings tell us (Psalm 18:19&36).

They way of the Lord is perfect

This God—his way is perfect;
the word of the Lord proves true; – Psalm 18:30

As for God, his way is perfect; the word of the LORD is flawless.  The phrase, the way of God, is not here taken for his revealed will, but for his method of dealing towards his people.  The meaning, therefore ,  is that God never disappoints or deceives his servants, nor forsakes them in the time of need, (as may be the case with men who do not aid their dependents, except in so far as it contributes to their own particular advantage,) but faithfully defends and maintains those whom he has once taken under his protection.  But we will never have any nearness to God unless he first comes near to us by his word; and, for this reason, David, after having asserted that God aids his people in good earnest, adds, at the same time, that his word is purified. Let us, therefore rest assured that God will actually show himself upright towards us, seeing he has promised to be the guardian and protector of our welfare, and his promise is certain and in fallible truth. – John Calvin

October 26, 2009

The Free and Unconditional Love of God

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I wrote a devotional on this verse a couple of years ago, but recently came across a meditation on it by Spurgeon that is really good.  One of my prayers for myself is that I will find myself more in awe and amazed by God’s awesome electing love in which I am undeserving of.

Hosea 14:4

I will love them freely.

This sentence is a body of divinity in miniature. He who understands its meaning is a theologian, and he who can dive into its fulness is a true master in Israel. It is a condensation of the glorious message of salvation which was delivered to us in Christ Jesus our Redeemer. The sense hinges upon the word “freely.” This is the glorious, the suitable, the divine way by which love streams from heaven to earth, a spontaneous love flowing forth to those who neither deserved it, purchased it, nor sought after it. It is, indeed, the only way in which God can love such as we are. The text is a death-blow to all sorts of fitness: “I will love them freely.” Now, if there were any fitness necessary in us, then He would not love us freely, at least, this would be a mitigation and a drawback to the freeness of it. But it stands, “I will love you freely.” We complain, “Lord, my heart is so hard.” “I will love you freely.” “But I do not feel my need of Christ as I could wish.” “I will not love you because you feel your need; I will love you freely.” “But I do not feel that softening of spirit which I could desire.” Remember, the softening of spirit is not a condition, for there are no conditions; the covenant of grace has no conditionality whatever; so that we without any fitness may venture upon the promise of God which was made to us in Christ Jesus, when He said, “He that believeth on Him is not condemned.” It is blessed to know that the grace of God is free to us at all times, without preparation, without fitness, without money, and without price! “I will love them freely.” These words invite backsliders to return: indeed, the text was specially written for such-“I will heal their backsliding; I will love them freely.” Backslider! surely the generosity of the promise will at once break your heart, and you will return, and seek your injured Father’s face.

via Morning and Evening 10/22 AM.

October 25, 2009

My Monday Morning Need of the Gospel – The Gospel Coalition Blog

This is a prayer by Scotty Smith which I read on the Gospel Coalition blog. I definitely find this to be an echo of my heart’s cry recently.

Dear Lord Jesus,

While I still believe, with all my heart, you are the only Savior, I now see how more of my heart needs more of you and more of the gospel.

There is nobody on the face of the earth that needs the gospel today, and its transforming resources, more than me, and I am SO glad to be able to acknowledge this reality. I need you today, Jesus, as much as I did in March of 1968 when you washed away all my sins and covered me with the robe of your righteousness.

You have saved me in the past, when I was justified by grace alone through faith alone; you are saving me in the present, as the Holy Spirit applies more and more of your finished work to my whole being; and you will save me in the future, when you return to finish making all things new, including ME!

Lord Jesus, though I’m never tempted to look to any other name for my justification, I am very tempted to look to other names and means for my transformation—worse of all, is when I look to me to be my own savior. But only you, Jesus, are able to save completely those who come to God through you, for you are always living to pray for us and to advocate for us (Heb 7:25). You are my righteousness, holiness and redemption, and that’s why I only boast in you today! (1 Cor. 1:30-31)

So I come to you today, Jesus, right now! Save me more fully from my fear of man, my need to be in control, my ticky-tacky pettiness. Save me from trying to be anybody’s savior. I want to get irritated far less often and to be spontaneous much more often. I want to “light up” more quickly when I hear your name, Jesus, and not be downcast, when I don’t hear my name.

That’s more than enough confession for one day… Indeed, Jesus, I must be saved, I am being saved, through your name alone. Hallelujah!

via My Monday Morning Need of the Gospel – The Gospel Coalition Blog.

he rescued me, because he delighted in me.

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he rescued me, because he delighted in me. – Psalm 18:19

Free grace lies at the foundation.  Rest assured, if we go deep enough, sovereign grace is the truth which lies at the bottom of every well of mercy.  Deep sea fisheries in the ocean of divine bounty always bring the pearls of electing, discriminating love to light.  Why Jehovah should delight in us is an answerless question, and a mystery which angels cannot solve; but that he does delight in his beloved is certain, and is the fruitful root of favors as numerous as they are precious.   Believer, sit down, and inwardly digest the instructive sentence now before us, and learn to view the uncaused love of God as the cause of all the lovingkindess of which we are the partakers.  – Charles Spurgeon

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