Bought by the Blood

October 3, 2009

Amazing Love

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I just came across this great meditation on Psalm 18:19 that I wanted to share with y’all.  Psalm 18:19 says, “He rescued me because He delighted in me.”  As we look at this verse the question we have to ask is does God love and then save or does he save and then love.  The reason why we answer this question correctly is because it shows that God’s love is unconditional.  God can love anyone and that should motivate us to take the gospel out to those around us and loving people who are different then us and seem unlovable.

It’s not a case of Christ loving the saved me (though of course He does). But it’s the radical gospel truth that Christ has loved me at my putrid worst. He doesn’t clean me up in order to love me. He loves me and so cleanses me through His atoning death.

Which means when I ask myself, ‘Does God love me?’ – I can look to the cross alone. I don’t have to check my own saved status. I don’t have to worry whether the cleansing has taken sufficient effect to allow me entrance into His affections. I can simply look at Christ crucified and say – God loves me. There is His demonstration – a love for sinners at war with Him. He has not fixed His love on me at my best. He has fixed His love on me at my worst.

My salvation – won through His blood alone – proves His love for me. His love is not a bonus for the godly but is specifically aimed at enemies. Such love is the very ground of all He does. If I’m looking at the Son lifted up on the cross then I’m seeing God’s love for me because there I’m seeing my salvation. This salvation in Christ is infallible proof of God’s immovable, inexhaustible and unfathomable love for me.

You can read this at Glen’s blog

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