Bought by the Blood

October 12, 2009

Jesus Authorizes Our Mission

This is one of this inspiring quotes about mission that fires me up and is great encouragement about being bold for Jesus.  It is from Chris Wright’s book, “The Mission of God.”  The emphasis is mine.

The whole earth, then, belongs to Jesus.  It belongs to him by right of creation, by right of redemption and by right of future inheritance – as Paul affirms in the magnificent cosmic declaration of Colossians 1:15-20.  So wherever we go in his name, we are walking on his property.  There is not an inch of the planet that does not belong to Christ. Mission then is an authorized activity carried out by tenants on the instructions of the owner of the property.

Suppose you are a tenant resident in your house or apartment and you are challenged about your right to be installing a new kitchen and bathroom.  Provided you can point to the written instruction of the owner of the property to attend to the matter on his behalf, your action is authorized.  If the one to whom the property belongs entrusts to you his purpose of renovating his property while you live there, then your “mission” is an authorized cooperation with and implementation of his or her “mission.” You are legitimately carrying out what the owner wants to be done on his or her own property.

So our mission on God’s earth is not only authorized by its true owners, it is also protected, nurtured and guaranteed by him.  We go in his name.  We act on his authority.  There is therefore no place for fear, for wherever we tread belongs to him already.
There is no place for dualism either.  We know of course that the Bible also affirms that the evil one exercises a kind of lordship and power over the earth.  But he does not own it.  His claim to do so, and to have the right to give it to those who worship him was exposed as fraudulent by Jesus in his wresting with temptation in the wilderness.  Whatever authority Satan exercises is usurped and illegitimate, provisional and subject to the final limits set by the earth’s true owner and Lord, the Lamb who reins from the the throne of God (Rev. 4-7).


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