Bought by the Blood

November 20, 2009

J.C. Ryle on the secret of Spiritual Prosperity

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All that believers have is undoubtedly of grace.  Their repentance, faith, and holiness are all the gift of God.  But the degree to which a believer attains in grace, is ever set before us as closely connected with his own diligence in the use of means, and his own faithfulness in living fully up to the light and knowledge which he possesses…Attention to this great principle is the main secret of spiritual prosperity.  The man who makes rapid progress in spiritual attainments — who grows visibly in grace, and knowledge, and strength, and usefulness — will always be found to  be a diligent man.  He leaves no stone unturned to promote his soul’s well-doing.  He is diligent over his Bible, diligent in his private devotions, diligent as a hearer of sermons, diligent in his attendance at the Lord’s table. And he reaps according as he sows.  Just as the muscles of the body are strengthened by regular exercise, so are the graces of the the soul increased by diligence in using them…the more we do for our souls, the mow shall we find God does for them.

-J.C. Ryle


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