Bought by the Blood

February 28, 2012

Distractions and Diversions

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“This secret inner chamber is the sacred trysting place for Christ and the believing soul; no one among all our dearest friends has the open sesame that will permit him to enter there. If God is shut out, then there can be only everlasting loneliness and numb despair. Where God is not known in the inner shrine, the individual must try to compensate for his sense of aloneness in whatever way he can. Most persons run away to the world to find companionship and surround themselves with every kind of diversionary activity. All devices for killing time, every shallow scheme for entertainment, are born out of this inner loneliness. It is a significant and revealing fact that such things have in these last days grown into billion dollar enterprises! So much will men pay to forget that they are a temple without a God, a garden where no voice is heard in the cool of the day.” – A.W. Tozer

Tozer wrote this many years ago, but it seems so applicable even for today.  As believers when our hearts grow familiar with the gospel, how easy it is to find diversionary activity in social media, friends and other things that will never really fulfill us.  Social media and friends aren’t bad things, but a lot of times we can rely on them to fill our times and fill our thoughts.  My prayer for myself and for so many other people is that my ultimate satisfaction can be found in God so that when my mind wanders it won’t wander to relationships, the world and what is happening in other people’s lives, but instead that it will wander to Him who is glorious and majestic beyond imagination.

It is a subtle idol and one that doesn’t seem bad, but ultimately it leads me away from my ultimate reliance, satisfaction and sense of identity in Christ.  Jared Wilson states in Gospel Wakefulness, “We will always prefer lesser satisfactions to the satisfaction of Christ, because the lesser ones appeal to the god of self–a ravenous, insatiable, fickle idol indeed–while satisfaction in Christ requires that we assassinate that god…Every trace of self-reliance, self-satisfaction, and self-service must be stripped away before we experience full God-reliance.”

I was made for God. I was not made for this world. I need to set my heart, mind and whole being on things above.  Nothing else will do.  All else will leave me empty. If my immediate escape is facebook or imaginations of better circumstances then my desires are too weak.  I need a new perspective, a new hunger, my core needs to be shaken so that all I crave is Heaven and seeing my maker and rejoicing in Him above all else.  To quote John Piper, “It is never a problem to want to be satisfied. The problem is being satisfied too easily. We believe that everyone who longs for satisfaction should no longer seek it from money or power or lust, but should come glut their soul-hunger on the grace of God. “

February 24, 2012

Grace and Glory

Such a great truth from Matthew Henry on God’s two greatest promises!

The Lord will give grace and glory. Grace signifies both the good-will of God towards us and the good work of God in us; glory signifies both the honour which he now puts upon us, in giving us the adoption of sons, and that which he has prepared for us in the inheritance of sons. God will give them grace in this world as a preparation for glory, and glory in the other world as the perfection of grace; both are God’s gift, his free gift. And as, on the one hand, wherever God gives grace he will give glory (for grace is glory begun, and is an earnest of it), so, on the other hand, he will give glory hereafter to none to whom he does not give grace now, or who receive his grace in vain. And if God will give grace and glory, which are the two great things that concur to make us happy in both worlds, we may be sure that no good thing will be withheld from those that walk uprightly. It is the character of all good people that they walk uprightly, that they worship God in spirit and in truth, and have their conversation in the world in simplicity and godly sincerity; and such may be sure that God will withhold no good thing from them, that is requisite to their comfortable passage through this world. Make sure grace and glory, and other things shall be added. This is a comprehensive promise, and is such an assurance of the present comfort of the saints that, whatever they desire, and think they need, they may be sure that either Infinite Wisdom sees it is not good for them or Infinite Goodness will give it to them in due time. Let it be our care to walk uprightly, and then let us trust God to give us every thing that is good for us.

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