Bought by the Blood

March 9, 2012

Matthew Henry On The Mercy of God

The fountain of mercy is inexhaustibly full; the streams of mercy are inestimably rich. When we speak of God’s mercy to us, it becomes us thus to magnify it…Even the best saints owe it, not to their own merit, but to the mercy of God, that they are saved from the lowest hell; and the consideration of that should greatly enlarge their hearts in praising the mercy of God, which they are obliged to glorify for evermore. So glorious; so gracious, a rescue from everlasting misery, justly requires the return of everlasting praise.

-Matthew Henry

March 2, 2012

Political Cartoons

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These are too good not to share.  I don’t agree with the last one, but I do think it is kind of funny.


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