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June 30, 2011

One Of My New Favorite Websites

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If you like Groupon then you should check out One of the most popular websites for people looking to save money is Groupon.  As Groupon has gained popularity other copycat sites like Living Social, Socially Ideal, Baby Steals, Very Jane, Plum District, SniqueAway have popped up that appeal to different niche markets.  All of these sites have the goal of selling something at a great price.  What is even better then gaining something, is giving something, which is why I love features a different non-profit every day for people to donate money to.  The non-profits vary from being on the regional to international level.  They have a goal of making giving a habit by only allowing people to give a dollar, 100% of which goes to the charities. Why only a dollar?  “So you can donate another $1 tomorrow. And another the next day. Use Philanthroper daily, and we guarantee, you’ll donate more over time than you would have otherwise plus it won’t sting your bank account so badly. Use Philanthroper every day and you’ll be on the right track to give more, more easily. If you’re compelled to make a larger donation, fantastic. We always link their site. So go for it. ”

Fast Company calls them, “a 21st century version of a classic philanthropist.” Check them out, you won’t regret it!



February 2, 2010

Consumption Versus Moderation

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A goal my family made this year is to be more generous.  One of the ways we are doing that is by sponsoring a child through Compassion International. For just $38.00 a month you can provide a child with food and clean water, medical care, education opportunities, important life-skills training and a chance to hear about Jesus Christ.  We don’t naturally make sacrifices like this, but we feel like this is something God is calling us to do.

Here are some helpful insights on how our culture puts more of an emphasis on consuming instead of sacrificing.

According to a recent study done by the World Health Organization, more people now die worldwide from being overweight and obese than from being underweight. This is tough to believe especially in light of the devastating images we continue to see from Haiti, and yet it’s true – in parts of the world people continue to starve to death, and yet meanwhile we have the opposite issue.

Many of us are literally consuming ourselves to death. Consumption, maybe more than anything else, is the predominant mark of our culture. We consume everything – food, entertainment, even relationships. Rarely to we give, and even more rarely do we sacrifice.

Moderation is a thing of the past; perhaps we are entering into a day when the great sin facing the Christian is gluttony. We gorge ourselves on Twitter, pornography, and burritos. We consume indiscriminately; everything put in front of us is there for the taking.

via Consuming Ourselves to Death « Forward Progress.

November 12, 2009

Savoring Time With Our Kids

The following is an excerpt from Voddie Baucham Jr.’s book “Family Driven Faith.”

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When Joe Gibbs retired from coaching (he later returned to the profession), a reporter asked him why he was calling it quits when he seemed to be on top of his game.  Gibb’s response is legendary.  He said he went home one evening after one of his legendary twelve-or fourteen hour days and decided to go kiss his boys good night.  He went into their rooms only to discover they had become men, and he had missed it!

Joe Gibbs learned a lesson that far too many parents learn way too late.  Time is precious, and you only get one chance to raise your children.  They are only young once, and they are only in your home for a short while.  Once they are born the clock starts ticking, and there nothing you can do to stop it or slow it down.  Your only hope is to make the most of the time you have.  I’m sure Joe Gibbs would tell you that none of the trophies, money, or accolades he earned as an NFL head coach was worth the price he, and especially his children, paid.

I look at my daughter sometimes, and I just want to weep.  As I write this, she is fifteen years old.  She has gone from a precious little bundle of joy to a beautiful young woman right before my eyes.  In a few short years she will  be gone.  My old son is only a few years behind her.  I constantly pray that God will give me ways to cheat the clock and multiply out our time together.  I want to savor every moment.  That mean I have to make the effort.

August 11, 2008

New-To-Me Car

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So the search for a new car has begun.  This will be a used car or a new-to-me car (NTMC).  After my Camry bit the dust last week I had a Dodge Dakota from Enterprise.  I was originally supposed to get a sedan, but all they had was the Dodge Dakota, yup, a big 4×4 pickup truck.  I didn’t have it for that long, but if I would have had it for longer would have loved to get my picture taken next to it.  Me in that big ‘ole truck was definitely a sight to see.

Currently, I have a 2007 Ford Focus.  It’s a little bit pricier then I would like.  I have seven days to take it back, so most likely on Wednesday I will return it.  I might try out a 2007 Kia Optima.  It is supposed to be larger then other Kia models and has gotten pretty good reviews.  We are looking at buying from Enterprise because we are pretty assured to get something of good quality.  Unfortunately, the selection isn’t that large and most of the cars they have are on the higher end of the price scale.  Prayer would definitely be appreciated in that endeavor.

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