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December 22, 2009

Health Care Reform That Support Abortion Provides No Social Justice

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I have had minimal internet access since the infamous east coast blizzard of 2009 started.  I am just now getting caught up on reading about the senate health care bill and other pro-life news.  Below is an excerpt for one of the most amazing pro-life articles I have read in a while.

Health care reform is an issue of social justice. One of the primary issues, if not the primary issue of social justice, is the fundamental right to life. If you claim to be concerned with “social justice” you cannot, at the same time, be for the right to end the life of an unborn human being.

Social justice, if we listen to Senators Mikulski and Reid, concerns the whole of the human being—including his or her health care and access to that health care. Whole Life America recognizes and applauds the cry for human dignity that is inherent to the cry for social justice within the health care reform debate.

However, nothing could be further from social justice than an act which has robbed over 46 million Americans of their lives since 1973. If, as the senators would have us believe, this health care reform debate is in fact an issue of social justice then any part of it that sanctions stripping any member of our society of his or her fundamental rights—terminating someone’s life is such an act—cannot in good conscience be truthfully called social justice.

You can read the rest at: – Abortion, Social Justice and Health Care Reform.


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