Bought by the Blood

February 23, 2010

Nothing But The Blood Jesus

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“No remission without redemption.  It was by reason of sin that we were held captive, and we cannot be realesed from our captivity but by the remission of our sins.  This redemption we have in Christ, and this remission through his blood.  The guilt and the stain of sin could be no otherwise removed than by the blood of Jesus.  All our spiritual blessings flow down to us in that stream.  This great benefit, which comes freely to us, was dearly bought and paid for by our blessed Lord, and yet it is according to the riches of God’s grace.  Christ’s satisfaction and God’s rich grace are very consistent in the great affair of man’s redemption.  God was satisfied by Christ as our substitute and surety; but it was rich grace that would accept of a surety, when he might have executed the severity of the law upon the transgressor, and it was rich grace to provide such a surety as his own Son, and freely to deliver him up, when nothing of that nature could have entered into our thoughts, nor have been any otherwise found out for us.” Matthew Henry


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